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  As important as sun and water, choosing the correct planting medium can ensure that the bonsai is given the right environment to strive for its full potential. We carried three of the most popular planting medium used by Japanese bonsai enuthusiasts. Please note that we do sell these planting mediums in custom size packages for easy storage.


Akadama, the name literally translate as "red ball" in Japanese, is a granular, baked calcined clay. Akadama may also act as one component of bonsai soil when combined with other elements such as sand, tree bark, peat, or gravel. The clay's colour darkens when moist which can help the grower determine when to water a tree.

While Akadama is more costly than alternative soil components, it is prized by many growers for its ability to retain water and nutrients while still providing porosity and free drainage. This volcanic soil has been used for centuries by bonsai artists on most types of deciduous bonsai trees.

  Kanuma a yellow, volcanic bonsai soil from Japan favored for azalea. It's PH varies from 4.5 to 5, which makes it ideal to acid-loving plants. Kanuma facilitates fine hair root growth because it retains moisture and can absorb more water than its weight and yet allows air to circulate.


Hyuga is a porous soil that is very light and provides excellent drainage. It is most often used for for pines, junipers and other subjects that like free draining soil.

Hyuga is also used widely for orchid growers due to its ability to retain moisture and promote air circulation at the same time. There are different sizes which allow the soil to be layered to create the perfect consistency.

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