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  We carry all the essential tools you will need for taking care of your bonsai. All our products are top quality and we imported them directly from Japan and China .


Concave Cutter
For removing branches from the main stem or trunk. It cuts into the bark when a branch is removed. This cutting method enable the a less prominent scare when the wound heals.


Leaf / Twig Shear
For pruning small twigs and leaf stems. The long handles and fine cutting points enable accurate pruning even in the mist of the canopies.

General Shear
For general pruning and cutting of twigs and small branches. The shorter handle give this shear more power.


Root Cutter
For removing roots and root mass.




Wire Cutter
For trimming and removing training wires. The wire cutter can cut wire at the tip, which minimizes the chance of damaging the plant.


Wound sealant. This should be applied after a branch has been removed to prevent infections.



  Training Wire
For shaping the branches into the desire position. Training wires made with aluminium are light, malleable and will not rust. We carry three types of the wire: 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm.
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